[2021-08-10] Four Spaces. 001. Quadrophonic Electronic Music Series.

I hope you're all doing well!

Since the release of the album I have been recording some pieces with the ARP Odyssey. I completely reworked my workflow, too:

Working with four speakers is new to me. Over the past few months I built four speakers, a gestural controller to move sound around spatially and some PureData patches that act as effects and mixers. The tracks I'd like to show you are a result of building and working with these tools for the first time. Especially a PureData patch that resembles the SOMA Cosmos is what you can hear in this set. Similar to the Cosmos, it has four delay lines. These, however, work with four speakers instead of two. In addition to that, you can hear a surround sound field recordings in the background.

You can listen to the ~1h long set on YouTube:

There is a link to a 4-channel sound file in the video description.

The video is part of a series called Four Spaces which I would like to offer as a platform for experimental quadrophonic music.

I'm also thinking about releasing the series on Bandcamp. This way the Patching Flowers Bandcamp page would also fulfill a purpose.

Have a great day


[2021-05-24] A Continuation of Lullabies for Friends

Past Bedtime is a collection of tracks recorded in the photo lab, a continuation of "Lullabies for Friends" by Yethiel.

This album contains 2 hours of drone, tonal patterns and timbre experimentation with a single Volca Modular. Looping was achieved with a BOSS RC-1 looper. Warmth and distortion was provided by a Cloninger tube gain. The last track is an exception, it features the Ouroboros Electronics Alea.

The album can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp.

[2021-04-20] Announcement: Timbres by Yethiel

Every instrument can inspire you to take completely unique paths based on their interface, rhythm and timbre. Over time you get to know the ways of an instrument, what it can do and where it can lead you. Experimentation becomes a major way of playing the instrument and sessions become progressively more structured and musical. Timbres is a result of experimentation with synthesizers, effects and field recordings. None of these tracks could be played like this again. The notes, rhythms, echoes, timbres and field recordings are a snapshot of a specific moment. I would not call them compositions at all, they're much more like memories.

The album mainly features synthesizers that embrace experimentation as a workflow:

The one you will hear most often is my custom Volca Modular. It is an arrangement of knobs and banana jacks on olive wood. You can see its jacks and knobs on the cover art of the album.
The other synthesizer is the Ouroboros Electronics Alea. The Alea inspired me to build the Volca Modular B. It is made of sapele wood and has a similarly experimental layout. There are no labels and explanations, inviting you to come up with creative patches.

With Timbres I invite you to listen to moments composed of timbre, rhythm and sound.

There will be a very small home-produced run on IEC-II tape. The release date is July 3, 2021.


Timbres on Bandcamp

[2021-03-25] Zetasphere Joins Patching Flowers

We welcome ZetaSphere to Patching Flowers!

I've known ZetaSphere for quite some years now. Over the time I got to listen to many of his energy packed and melody-heavy songs which were a huge source of motivation for in troubled times. His music kept evolving but it always kept the good soul that it had from the very beginning.

ZetaSphere joined us with two releases: Reminiscence which is a jazz-fusion inspired electronic piece and a compilation of some of his earlier tracks Assorted Works Jan-Jun 2018.

I'm really glad that he joined Patching Flowers. There are many more releases to come!

You should check out his albums on Bandcamp, you won't regret it!


[2021-02-20] New Website

Welcome to our new website!

We wanted to tell you more about our work so we decided to create pages for every artist and every release. For every release, you can now find a description and links to all platforms it's available on. There's also a bandcamp stream embedded so you can check it out without leaving the website.
In the menu you can find internal and external links. In the future we'll add more sections with resources that you can use for your own work.